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Psychomental Complex of the Tungus. Vol. 3

Please note that the current work is divided into several volumes for technical reasons only.

The original structure of the book is available in the Contents.

As by today, the text of the Psychomental Complex of the Tungus at the present site is complete except for the Glossary.

Please do not hesitate to write to the e-mail which you can see at the bottom of the page in case you need the Glossary, the Indices or the text of the Psychomental Complex of the Tungus in the form of PDF — we will provide with these materials shortly.

Please note that due to the technical reasons some phonetical symbols in the text below may differ from the original symbols used by the Author. For the exact phonetical transcriptions can be found in the Glossary (see above).

82. Preliminary Remarks To Chapter XX

83. Psychic And Mental Troubles

84. «Olonism», So-Called «Imitative Mania»

85. Imitation Of Movements

86. Hysteria

87. Self-Introduction Of Spirits

88. Various Conditions During Sleep

89. Self-Suggestion And Suggestion

90. Conclusion

91. Mass Psychosis in General

92. Forms Of Psychosis And Units Affected

93. Symbolization Of Psychoses And Methods Of Treatment

94. Origin Of The Term «Shamanism»

95. Formal Characters Of Shamanism

96. Psychomental Conditions Of Shamanism

97. Shamanism

98. Facts Observed

99. Buddhism

100. Hypothesis: Shamanism Stimulated By Buddhism

101. Conclusions As Introduction To The Following Chapters

102. Preliminary Remark To Chapter XXIV

103. Costume (Description)

104. Classification Of Costumes

105. Drum

106. Brass-Mirrors

107. Placings For Spirits And Varia

108. Attitude Towards The Paraphernalia

109. Conclusion

Introduction to Chapter XXV

110. Shamanizing To The Spirits Of The Lower World

111. Shamanizing To The Upper World

112. Various Forms Of Shamanizing

113. Divination And Discovery Diagnosis And Treatment

114. Treatment Of Persons

115. Settling Of Souls And Their Management

116. Fighting Of Spirits And Souls

117. Sacrifice, Varia And Conclusions

118. Preliminary Remarks to Chapter XXVII

119. Technique Of Performance

120. Assistant Of The Shaman

121. Psychological Technique

122. Negative Reactions And Performances

123. Psychological Basis Of Performance

124. Ritualism In Shamanistic Performances

125. Influence Of Manchu Writing

126. Various Mechanism Maintaining Shamanism

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