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Psychomental Complex of the Tungus. Vol. 2

Please note that the current work is divided into several volumes for technical reasons only.

The original structure of the book is available in the Contents.

As by today, the text of the Psychomental Complex of the Tungus at the present site is complete except for the Glossary.

Please do not hesitate to write to the e-mail which you can see at the bottom of the page in case you need the Glossary, the Indices or the text of the Psychomental Complex of the Tungus in the form of PDF — we will provide with these materials shortly.

Please note that due to the technical reasons some phonetical symbols in the text below may differ from the original symbols used by the Author. For the exact phonetical transcriptions can be found in the Glossary (see above).

37. General Characteristic Of Hypothieses

38. Complexes Of Spirits And Their Classification

39. Buga

40. Construction Of The World

41. Conception Of «Master Spirit» And Some Principal Spirits

42. Manchu Endur'i And Various Tungus Spirits

43. Human Soul

44. Human First Soul And Olorg’i Fojengo Exteriorated

45. Groups Of Spirits

46. Ancestors. Northern Tungus System

47. Manchu Ancestral Clan Spirits

48. Preliminary Note to Chapter XIII: Classification, Terms, Diseases, Roads, Complexes, And Forms

49. Clan Spirits Of The Northern Tungus

50. Dona (Foreign) Burkan

51. Spirits Of The Manchus

52. General Characteristics Of These Spirits

53. List Of Seven

54. Vochko Of the Manchus

55. Spirits Of Other Tungus Groups

56. Hypotheses

57. System Of Hypotheses

58. Preliminary Remarks to Chapter XVI

59. Classification Of Methods

60. Placings For Spirits

61. Types Of Placings

62. Reserved Animals: Ongun And Jasil

63. Sacrifice

64. Communications With The Spirits By Means Of Language

65. Influence On Spirits Through Their Characters

66. Souls

67. Death

68. Preparation Of The Corpse For Burial And Managing Of The First Soul

69. Liquidation Of The Corpse

70. Special Conditions Of Burial

71. Last Ceremony

72. Further Operations With The Soul

73. Clan Priest - P'oyun Saman

74. Autumnal Sacrifice

75. Sacrifices And Prayers To The Ancestors Among The Tungus

76. Spirit Of Heaven

77. Clan-Spirits

78. Various Spirits

79. Specialists

80. Mafarism

81. Mafarism Among The Tungus

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